Please Note:
Wise Cicada Is Now Closed but we hope it will be back in the near future.
Thank you to all our loyal customers for supporting us on our journey.

Our food is not only good in taste…
When you dine at Wise Cicada, you are eating quality organic food, designed to nourish you & sustain your vitality
* Our food is Organic where-ever possible ( approx 95%)
* Vegan – all our food is plant-based, no egg, no dairy, no meat, no honey
* Naturally Gluten Free – We have a wide range of Naturally Gluten Free options
* Avoiding refined sugars – We use coconut sugar, dates, maple syrup, apple syrup, rice syrup, Lucuma etc
* Coconut Yoghurt – We make our own probiotic Coconut Yoghurt