Vegan Organic Specialities


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Our vegan Breakfast & All Day Menu
are inspired by international cuisine from around our amazing planet!
They are sure to hit the spot for those craving a tasteful
& satisfying vegan meal. Our Salad Bar is full of ‘Living Salads’ organic wherever possible and lovingly prepared with your nutritional balance in mind. We also offer an amazing array of freshly made organic vegan dips, hummus, pesto and mayonnaise to top off your protein packed salad meal.
Raw Treats: Our Health conscious, raw vegan treats are made in-house, naturally gluten free and free from refined sugar.

Raw Treats

Our Cabinet is always full of Raw Vegan Treats.

All Day Menu

13 Vegan & Gluten Free Meals to choose from

Living Salads

At Least eight delicious Vegan Salads are available daily.


6 Different Super Smoothies & 6 Super Juices are here to boost you up.