We’re Trialling Recipes for our New a la Carte Menu – Let Us Know What You Think

December 15th, 2016 Posted by Uncategorized 1 comment


A new look and flavours will come to Wise Cicada in 2017 with a vegan organic a la carte menu – due mid January.

Picture above: Black Bean, Beet & Portobello Stack….served with a quinoa and roasted corn salad, tempeh chorizo, seasonal greens, lemon pepper aioli and a raw sweet chilli sauce.

We are trialling new recipes and would love to hear your feedback. We’re also asking you for your contributions with a prize offered in return if your recipe idea makes it onto our menu.

MORE INFO – How to Win
Email your recipe ideas / feedback / requests to cafe@wisecicada.co.nz

Pic below: ‘ZEN WRAP’ … raw carrot, cumin wrap stacked with wild rice & pumpkin pilaf, slow roasted pumpkin, caramelised onions, sun-dried tomato cream cheese, wilted beet greens with onion and garlic, steamed asparagus, red pepper, pomegranate dressing, creamy mint dressing and a side of vegan Greek salad.


One comment

Sommer says:

Loved the nori wrap!! Soooo good!!

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