Support for Your Kids as they Return to School with Kiwiherb’s Organic Herbal Range

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Now that the ‘full swing’ of school routine and the academic / social / physical stimulation that comes with the term has returned, it is a good time to look at the support ‘set’ Kiwiherb can offer your kids.

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Kid’s Calm: A chamomile formula designed to calm and soothe both the nervous system and the digestive system. Ideal for infants and children finding difficulty settling and experiencing digestive discomfort, or over-excitement. It is also helpful for babies during teething and instances of colic, wind or a need for soothing. The sweet syrup base is made from organic rice syrup and vegetable glycerine with natural berry flavour.
Recommended for kids 0-12yrs.
100ml Kid’s Calm $38.90     Now $35.01
50mls Kid’s Calm $24.90      Now $22.41

Children’s Chest Syrup: This hyssop, thyme, marshmallow, mullein and manuka honey formula, will help clear chest and bronchial congestion and relax spasming. The hyssop is also gently calming , so aids rest and recovery. As always with this range, it tastes good, with a naturally sweet apple juice, honey and orange / lemon flavour.
Recommended for kids 0-12yrs.
100ml Children’s Chest Syrup $24.50     Now $22.05

Children’s Throat Syrup: Echinacea, thyme and manuka honey to soothe an inflamed, dry, tickly throat, ease coughing and support recovery. This formula is especially formulated for kids o-12 years and tastes great. Contains certified organic echinacea and thyme.
Recommended for kids 0-12yrs.
100ml Children’s Throat Syrup $24.90     Now $22.41

Destuff for Kids: Elderflower and ribwort help soothe an inflamed respiratory tract and clear excess mucus, echinacea supports immune function while peppermint helps decongestion. Recommended for kids 0-12yrs.
100ml De-stuff for Kids $38.50       Now $34.65
5oml De-stuff for Kids $25.40         Now $22,86

De-stuff Rub: Helps ease stuffy congestion in the head and chest and supports clear airways. It is a certified organic blend of six essential oils, including peppermint thyme and eucalyptus in a moisturising base of cold pressed coconut oil, olive oil and NZ beeswax. It also contains lavender to calm and soothe.
Formulated for kids 2+ years
28g De-stuff Rub $16.90   Now $15.21

Children’s Echinature: NZ grown, certified organic echinacea root extract is made more palatable for kids in a vegetable glycerine and apple juice and orange base. This herbal tincture helps maintain  immune function and can be particularly helpful in the case of  upper respiratory  tract infection. Recommended 1-12 years.
100mls Children’s Echinature $38.90      Now $35.01
50 mls Children’s Echinature $24.50       Now $22.05

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