Seaweed Workshop with Louise Fawcett 24 May 5.30-7pm @ Wise Cicada

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Seaweed Workshop – with Louise Fawcett of Pacific Harvest

Weds 24 May 5.30-7pm @ Wise Cicada – Cost $11.50

Louise is a popular presenter with a wealth of culinary and nutritional knowledge. Join us for a fun evening together and learn how to incorporate seaweed into your everyday diet with confidence.

Topic: why is seaweed such an important food?
During this workshop Louise will explain why seaweeds are so important for our health, especially considering the exponential growth of lifestyle & degenerative diseases. She will also talk about easy ways to integrate seaweed into your diet everyday whether you like to cook or just supplement already prepared meals. This will come with the sampling of a variety of different seaweeds to better understand their individual characteristics & versatility in their culinary use.

Tasting, recipes & information to take away.
Fee: $11.50

Online Ticket Available

– Book with Wise Cicada 09.529.9529

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