Lemurian Springs Structured Alkaline Water – Have You Checked it Out Yet?

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Here’s a claim for you…….. Lemurian Springs water is ‘proven to have not only all the healing and anti-ageing properties of ‘Lourdes” water in France, but boasts one of the highest natural pH levels in the world’.

We had to investigate….. Upon meeting and talking with water savvy company founder, Veda Austin, we were enlightened, and upon partaking of a glass ……..also more hydrated than before……. View Product Here

Since beginning to stock Lemurian Springs water at Wise Cicada in late 2015 we have been hearing great feedback from our customers…. it seems you all love the way Lemurian water makes you feel.

According to Veda, ‘contrary to most belief systems, drinking eight glasses of water is not necessarily going to hydrate you efficiently. It is not how much water you drink, it is the kind of water you drink.’

This water is more viscous, saline, oxygenated, alkaline and structured than the average. It has smaller molecule clusters which means your bodies cells are hydrated and energised faster and more efficiently. The pH level is 9.9, very alkaline, recommended to support the body’s immune system and reduce inflammation, which means our bodies may be less prone to disease.

Sourced right here in New Zealand from an ancient underwater lake full of crystal and lime, it is bottled consciously at the source, with an additional dose of Himalayan crystal salt added. This sole gives you minerals, electrolytes and therefore energy.

You can learn more about this water, the scientific facts collected to back up your choice to drink it and the life story of the company founder, by reading Veda Austin’s book ‘Youth Molecule’ downloadable for free here. It is well written and interesting.

Purchase Lemurian Springs Water Here

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