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Savour Organic, Cultured, Aged, Vegan Nut Cheeses – Now at Wise Cicada

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These locally made epicurean delights are sure to satisfy the vegan cheese connoisseur, Savour is a range of firm, organic cultured non-dairy nut cheeses rich in protein and probiotics. Each nut cheese is individually crafted and aged in a cheese cave by an artisan cheesemaker. Savour cheeses deliver on flavour, making them the perfect addition to any cheese board, accompanied by your favourite wine and crackers.

Savour supports the movement towards a plant based diet for health, environmental and ethical reasons. Savour’s mission is simply to produce delectable and tempting plant based foods. PURCHASE RANGE

An aged, firm textured cheese made from cashew and macadamia nuts. Flavoured with New Zealand grown, manuka cold-smoked jalapeño chilies.

An aged, firm cashew cheese. Simple yet classic.

Creamy yet firm, this cashew cheese has the tang of a good feta. An organic olive oil infusion adds a melt-in-the-mouth quality to this cheese.


An aged, firm textured cashew and macadamia nut cheese that has been fermented in an organic vegan craft beer.

An aged cashew and macadamia nut cheese, delicately flavoured with cumin and pepper which have been gently toasted to release their aromatic qualities.

We’re Rating the New Harker Herbals Children’s Syrups Very Highly – Now Available at Wise Cicada – For Kids 0 – 12 Years

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We’re rating the new Harker Herbals Children’s Syrups very highly.  –  Locally made herbal support for your family – formulated from the best quality ingredients by Harker Herbal’s medical herbalist Paul Mitchell.

Most of the great tasting range supports babies and children from 0-12 years…….. naturally of course!

We have qualified naturopath’s on the shop floor to offer you health advice for your family.

Children’s Tummy Soothe – More Info 
Children’s Immune Build – More Info
Ear, Nose and Throat – More Info
Children’s Chest Soothe Day – More Info
Children’s Chest Soothe Night – More Info
Calm & Sleep – More Info
Breathe Easy (rec. 1- 12 years) – More Info
Sniffle Juice (the classic you know and love) – More Info

FREE kid’s colouring book while stock lasts.
FREE tricycles and bikes to be won with Harker Herbals too.

NEW – Ready Made Organic Latte Bases – Turmeric – Chai @ Wise Cicada

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We’ve all tried it here at Wise Cicada and rate the flavour highly. So if you don’t want to ‘muck around’ daily with yellow powder or juice, a dollop of this organic paste is really convenient.

Golden milk, made from turmeric, is an old ayurvedic remedy, calming for the mind and healing for the body.  Golden Heart Turmeric drink is also made with pepper and oil to makes the curcumin much more bioavailable.

Just mix a teaspoon of Golden Heart Turmeric drink paste into a  cup of milk (we prefer rice milk), heat it, and you are good to go.

The Golden Heart Chai is full of flavour and goodness. It is made with real ceylon cinnamon, free of the toxic coumarin found in cheaper cinnamons. Just put a teaspoon into your choice of tea and add milk (optional)  to get the full Chai experience and healing qualities.

Purchase Organic Turmeric Drink Online

Purchase Organic Chai Drink Online


Good Buzz Kombucha – Now at Wise Cicada

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We’ve packed our fridge with delicious Better Buzz kombucha…..this wellington founded brand is delicious and made with care, quality and your health in mind.


Here’s the buzz…..
packed with naturally occurring saccharomyces boulardii probiotic bacteria (that’s one of the best ones for digestion and immunity)
fair trade accredited
NZ made
innovative craft brewed flavours

The People and Ethics Behind Good Buzz:

Good Buzz Kombucha is a low-sugar brewed probiotic soft drink thought to have originated in Manchuria, China over 2000 years ago.

Alex’s grandmother, Amy, started making what she called Manchurian Tea in 1974 in Kaikohe, NZ. Her kombucha culture continues on 40 years later with Good Buzz, handed on down through the family.

Amber, the boochmaster at Goodbuzz, first dabbled in making kombucha four years ago but started back into it again in New Zealand mid 2012. Nine months of experimenting with different teas, sugars and amounts, temperatures and methods, as well as dealing with exploding bottles, and something magical happened. A brew came to life that was unlike any other kombucha they had tasted before – this was more like a cider, lacking the strong vinegary taste commonly found in other kombuchas.

Alex had been working for a Silicon Valley software company for almost five years, thoroughly enjoying big data analytics, but when ‘Booch’ happened he knew something very special had been created. Not a gambler, but certainly a risk taker on a ‘good thing’, he came up with the business plan and identity-to-be for what would become Goodbuzz Brewing Co.

Both Alex and Amber are children of chiropractic and naturopathic fathers. Healthy living and eating using what nature has given has been the foundation of their lives and they are now proud to be able to share these principles with others too.

Booch® is not the brand of kombucha that just sits in the fridge at your local healthfood shop. It is also the beverage that sits next to fizzy drinks and juices at the café, the restaurant, even next to alcoholic beverages at the bar. It is packaged in a brown bottle to preserve the contents but also allows for the bottle to be comfortably held in social settings. 🙂 When individuals choose a Booch® because they are driving, pregnant or simply saying ‘no boozies tonight’ they are still getting a ‘true brew’, not just a sugary soft drink or ‘near-beer’.

There are 100s of different kombucha brands being sold in in the USA today, but only a handful of brands in NZ and a few great cafes who make their own in-house.

It takes a little over two weeks to make a bottle of Booch®, from fermentation through bottle- conditioning, which builds the carbonation and gives the brew a richer flavour. The fermentation process consists of placing a kombucha culture on a sweetened tea for about eight days and
subsequently produces a tangy, slightly fizzy liquid. It no longer resembles tea at this stage, except for a hint of tea flavour.

Goodbuzz Booch® sets itself apart from every other kombucha brand available, with a very unique, yet palatable taste. The raw sugar used to brew with is broken down through the fermentation process, similar to making beer, but sucrose and fructose average about 2% or 6.6g per bottle (across the flavour range). Kombucha is enzyme rich and consists of dozens of organic acids to include acetic, lactic, glucuronic and gluconic acids. Due to the fermentation process Booch® contains some residual alcohol but never more than 1% (typically 0.5-0.8%), similar to a handcrafted ginger beer. NZ food code regulation states that non-alcoholic beverages must contain less than 1.15% alcohol by volume.

Booch® is probiotic meaning that is has live, good bacteria in it. The bacterium preserves the brew and will continue to ferment the liquid. Cold slows this process down. Consumers may find live cultures in their bottle; generally this is a small, slightly rubbery disc at the top of the bottle, similar to a skinless grape. This is totally harmless and most people simply eat/swallow it, though it can be discarded. This is an indisputable sign that the drink is in fact ‘living’ and probiotic. A bottle of Booch® currently has a ‘Best Before’ date of 4 months after bottle-conditioning, only to ensure a high quality taste without tasting ‘vinegary’.

All teas used have been carefully selected based on the taste produced and the absence of chemical residues. Green Tea, when used, is organic. We use Fair Trade and Organic Sugar. Artesian water from the Hutt Valley aquifer, Te Puna Wai Ora (The Spring of Life), in Wellington is the source of water for Booch® and has not been treated by any type of chemical: chlorine, fluoride etc. The water is simply run through a commercial grade carbon and UV filters.


Dining Out Programme – Wise Cicada Cafe – Gluten Free Accredited by Coeliac NZ

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DOP       Beat-Cheeze-Burger

We have joined Coeliac New Zealand’s ‘Dining Out Programme’ and we’re in the process of Gluten Free Accreditation. This means that you are guaranteed a 100% gluten free safe kitchen and serving area when you eat at Wise Cicada. View Our Menu HERE

Our new menu is 100% gluten free, so if you are avoiding gluten, you are spoilt for choice when you eat with us.

It is Coeliac Awareness Week 15 – 21 May and Coeliac NZ have created a new online self assessment tool to help people decide if they may need further testing for Coeliac Disorder. There is plenty of excellent support and information on their website. You can Check this out and take the assessment test HERE


Our New Autumn / Winter Menu – Gluten Free – Vegan – Organic – Wise Cicada

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Crystal Lovers – Have You Discovered Shungite Yet? Now in Stock at Wise Cicada

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Have you heard of an antioxidant called fullerene? Neither had we, until we recently added the mineral Shungite to our crystal cabinet selection. The scientific community discovered fullerenes in 1985, but long before that, this stone (containing fullerenes) was well known in Russia. Tradition states that you can add this special, carbon rich, stone to your water to purify it whilst also receiving a dose of antioxidants ……. care of the Earth’s mineral heritage.

Shungite is unique to Karelia in Russia, where the only deposit of this special rock is found. The stone received its name from the village of Shunga where it was first discovered. Shungite can be divided into three types depending on the content of carbon in it. Type III is usually called regular shungite stone and contains 30 to 50 % carbon, type II shungite contains 50 to 90 %. Shungite with a carbon content of more than 90 % has a silvery surface and is called elite shungite.

Regarded as a special healing stone by many, shungite is famed for its water purification uses, physical and spiritual healing potential, and help protecting against electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) the radiation emitted from modern gadgets.

Peter the Great, a shungite fan, set up Russia’s first spa in Karelia to utilise the water purifying properties of the stone. He also used it to help provide purified water to the Russian army, as it is claimed to offer anti-bacterial properties.

As we’ve suggested, the unique structure of shungite consists of fullerenes, a crystalline modification of carbon. Fullerenes are considered to be a powerful antioxidant, protecting human cells from the damaging effects of free radicals.

The spherical fullerene molecules contained in shungite carbon also make it useful in the cosmetic and medicine industries.

It is suggested that shungite may: help reduce the effects of EMF radiation, neutralizing geopathic stress and tension: help activate healing properties in the human body and promote physical and spiritual healing to a person using it.

Come in to Wise Cicada sometime and hold a piece for a while to see what you think and feel for yourself.

We Now Have an Organic Certified, Freeze Dried, Tropical Fruit Option on the Wise Cicada Shelves

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This high quality tropical fruit is preserved with all original nutrients, flavour and colour retained. The freeze-drying process is 100% chemical free. Fruit is frozen, then dried by reducing the surrounding pressure to allow the frozen water in the material to sublimate directly from the solid phase to the gas phase.

And now that you’ve heard the technical  part, we must also remind you how diverse and wonderful an ingredient these concentrated parcels of flavour, colour and nutrition can be for enhancing your creative cooking endeavours.

La Petite Epicerie Saigon, a company founded by three young French food lovers in Ho Chi Minh City in 2013, has recently set up a New Zealand distribution division. This means we now have some exciting new organic options coming through to fill gaps in the organic dried goods aisles and the local seasonal market.

View Product Online:

Organic Banana 30g $5.40
Organic Papaya 15g $5.40
Organic Pineapple 20g $5.40

Special Offer – $10 Breakfasts Between 8am-10am Week Days @ Wise Cicada

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Matcha Monday Update

$10 Breakfast Specials Between 8-10am

 Available Mon – Fri 8am – 10am until 21 April  – Try Out Our New Menu!

Week Days We Offer an Organic Vegan Breakfast for Just $10

Matcha Mondays…..         Try our Matcha Pancakes for $10 on Monday (Usually $18)
A Triple stack of mini Matcha Pancakes layered with Caramelised Bananas, served with Seasonal Fruit Salad, Raw Fresh Coconut Ice Cream & Cranberry Ginger Compote

Tofu Tuesdays …..              Try our Scrambled Tofu for $10 on Tuesday (Usually $17)
Creamy Tofu Scramble served with Seasonal Greens, Sauerkraut and your choice of 10 grain or gluten free toast
Wrap Up Wednesdays..   Try our Mexican Breakfast Wrap for $10 on Wednesday (Usually $17)
A Raw Carrot and Cumin Wrap filled with Carrot & Beetroot Salad, Mexican Quinoa Salad, Refried Black Turtle Beans and served with Raw Sweet Chilli Chipotle Sauce and Seasonal Greens

Mushy Thursday…..           Try our Creamy Mushrooms for $10 on Thursday (Usually $18)
Creamy Mushrooms served with a marinated Portobello Mushroom stuffed with Cashew Pesto,
Salad Greens, Sauerkraut & your choice of 10 grain or gluten free toast

Falafel Fridays…..              Try our Mung Bean Falafel Platter for $10 on Friday (Usually $17)
Pan-fried sprouted mung bean falafels with sweet chilli sauce, carrot & beetroot salad, seasonal greens & lemon pepper aioli.

View Menu
       Available Between 8-10am Mon – Fri –    Offer Runs Until 21 April

Opt to Donate Your Loyalty Points to Your Local School

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We have been teaming up with local schools and offering them the chance to allow customers to donate their loyalty points as a way of fundraising.

So far, Kowhai Intermediate is on board. So if you are affiliated with this school and would like them to benefit from your points just ask the team at the store counter.

Kowhai Intermediate