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We’re Rating the New Harker Herbals Children’s Syrups Very Highly – Now Available at Wise Cicada – For Kids 0 – 12 Years

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We’re rating the new Harker Herbals Children’s Syrups very highly.  –  Locally made herbal support for your family – formulated from the best quality ingredients by Harker Herbal’s medical herbalist Paul Mitchell.

Most of the great tasting range supports babies and children from 0-12 years…….. naturally of course!

We have qualified naturopath’s on the shop floor to offer you health advice for your family.

Children’s Tummy Soothe – More Info 
Children’s Immune Build – More Info
Ear, Nose and Throat – More Info
Children’s Chest Soothe Day – More Info
Children’s Chest Soothe Night – More Info
Calm & Sleep – More Info
Breathe Easy (rec. 1- 12 years) – More Info
Sniffle Juice (the classic you know and love) – More Info

FREE kid’s colouring book while stock lasts.
FREE tricycles and bikes to be won with Harker Herbals too.

Solgar Full Spectrum Turmeric – Higher Efficacy Anti-inflammatory Support

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SOLGAR – Full Spectrum Curcumin

30 soft gels $56.90
delivers 40 mg of curcumin and 48 mg of curcuminoids
Purchase Online 

Chronic inflammation and pain? Looking for a powerful antioxidant and immunity strengthener?  Curcumin capsules from Solgar are formulated for maximum bioavailability.

Solgar have transformed the normally fat-soluble curcumin into a water-soluble phytonutrient… making it immediately ready for faster absorption by your body.

Encapsulated within micelles, the curcumin  passes into your bloodstream more readily. As absorption is improved,  efficacy increases. So this brand may be an answer to the aforementioned health concerns.

Please come and see our caring naturopaths with any questions. They are available to serve you on the shop floor daily. PURCHASE ONLINE

Our Fav’ Green Superfood – Moringa – Recipes – Iced Moringa Tea – Hot Moringa Tea – Moringa Smoothie

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Iced Moringa Tea

Add 1¼ teaspoon of Moringa powder to 2 cups of water.

Mix with a little honey and fresh ginger to taste.

Blend in your blender or shake vigorously for one minute.

Refrigerate for 8 hours or overnight.

Also try using part water, part coconut Juice or orange juice to keep your taste buds happy and wanting more!

Hot Moringa Tea

Use ½ teaspoon per cup of hot water. Let steep for 5 minutes.

Sweeten to taste with agave or cane sugar.

Add slices of ginger or lemon zest for added flavor.

Moringa Smoothie

Add 1 cup of coconut milk / coconut water, one banana, a handful of strawberries & blueberries to a blender.

Add a spoonful of chia seeds and one teaspoon of moringa powder for a delicious & nutritious drink.

About Moringa 

Moringa Oleifera, commonly known as Moringa or the Elixir tree, has the reputation of being the most nutritious plant ever discovered on earth!  It contains more than 90 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, 36 anti inflammatory compounds, 18 amino acids and also includes ALL 8 essential amino acids. The vivid green leaves are nature’s super power food.

As Indian literature tells us, the history of Moringa dates back thousands of years, long before it spread to Africa and other tropical countries. The rest of the world did not know the benefits of the Moringa until the middle of the twentieth century. The credentials go to the World Health Organization (WHO) for spreading the benefits of the Moringa tree to the western world.

Green Trading Moringa Leaf Powder contains Vitamin A (Beta Carotene), Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), Vitamin B7 (Biotin), Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Vitamin D ( Cholecalciferol), Vitamin E (Tocopherol) and Vitamin K. Our powder is also rich in minerals including Calcium, Copper, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese and Zinc.

  • Contains 100% Moringa Leaf Powder
  • Organic and GE free
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives added



As a dietary supplement: –   Take 1 table spoon a day anytime after your meal or in the moring.   Take with water or add into boiling water to make tea.  You can also add this into your smoothie.                        

Moringa Leaf Powder has… (gram per gram comparison)

4 x more potassium than bananas

2 x more protein than eggs

2 x more vitamin A than carrots

14 x more calcium than milk

9 x more iron than spinach

7 x more vitamin C than oranges

4 x more fibre than oats




Moringa is the greatest known supplement ever discovered by mankind. Moringa was named the “Elixir Tree” because all parts of the tree are used as food and medicine.

The tree contains powerful magnetic particles. When the seeds are placed in a bowl of contaminated water, these magnetic particles attract 95% of the bacteria, dirt, soil, chemicals, oil, deadly pollutants and other toxins found in the water, to the bottom of the bowl. In a similar process, Moringa seeds are believed to clean the toxins present in the blood.

Athletes and Sportsmen: –

Constant practice is a necessity for the success of Athletes and Sportsmen alike.  Obviously proper nutrition also plays a major part and it is here that Moringa can give them a great boost. Morninga provides them with all the essential vitamins, minerals and protein to help them in various ways, but mainly to improve their strength and endurance.

Improve Endurance: –

Moringa with its high vitamin A and vitamin C content combined with its extraordinary iron content helps to improve the haemoglobin content of the blood. This in turn helps the blood to deliver more oxygen to the muscles during aerobic endurance exercise. The increased oxygen carried by the blood also helps to increase the metabolic rate and assists in burning unwanted fat deposited in the body. 

Antioxidants & Free Radicals: –

Free radicals are atoms that exist in the human body that constantly attack other healthy body cells to get free electrons. Antioxidants supply the free atoms needed by the human body and mitigate the effects of free radicals. Moringa has approximately 46 antioxidants and is one of the most powerful sources of natural antioxidants.

Mental Alertness: – 

Moringa, with 2 times more Beta-carotene, than that of carrots and 9 times more iron than that of spinach and being rich in vitamin E, improves oxygen absorption. As the oxygen supply to the brain increases, the functionality of the brain is stimulated and mental clarity improves. 

Clarity of Eyesight: –

Today due to computer and other electronic devices, the increased stress on the eyes requires extra nutrients to maintain clarity of vision. The power of our eyesight is directly related to the supply of vitamin A to the body. Moringa has 2 times more vitamin A than that of carrots and this increased carotene content is extremely beneficial to eye health.

Lactating Mothers: –

Lactating mothers generally require a lot more nutrients than a normal person and Moringa leaves and pods seem to provide most of the required vitamins, minerals, proteins, carotenoids and carbohydrates in one handy package. Moringa has 14 times more calcium than that of milk secreted by lactating women, but also improves the nutrient quality of the milk generated. In this way, mothers who regularly consume Moringa will have a better nutritional profile and as such, the milk secreted by them will be filled with more nutrients. 

Middle Aged Women: – 

Generally people in their 40s and 50s, especially women need lots of vitamins and minerals for performing the normal functions of the body. Middle-aged women suffer a number of health disorders due to the physiological and enzymatic changes in their bodies. There are many ways that Moringa can assist them to face this sometimes stressful journey with better confidence.

Menopause: – 

Menopause is a crucial stage in every woman’s life. Though for some this can be a stressful time, many of the symptoms of menopause can be overcome with the help of proper nutrients.  Since Moringa has many natural vitamins, minerals and proteins, it is a good choice to assist in alleviating the symptoms of menopause.

 Bone Strength: –

Moringa with its high calcium content is an ideal solution for this problem. Since the calcium present in Moringa is 100% obtained from the natural sources, the body readily absorbs this. The high magnesium content present in Moringa is an important mineral for bones.

 Osteoporosis: –

The human body needs calcium for its normal functioning. Generally for people in their fifties, if enough calcium is not available in their diet, the body absorbs the calcium from their bones and this leads to the condition known as Osteoporosis. Moringa, with its high calcium content supplies the calcium required by the body and in doing so, helps to maintain healthier bone health.

Immune System: –

Moringa with its high iron and Beta-Carotene content helps to improve the haemoglobin levels in the blood, and this in turn strengthens the immune system.




Drion Panty Liners – $2 Off

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These pads and liners are revolutionary our Wise Cicada team members have tried them and we all rate them very highly. Purchase Online
We are currently offering $2 off the Panty Liners RRP $9.95 Now $7.95

  • Chemical free … no chlorine, dioxin or plastics
  • Slim form fitting organic cotton
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort
  • Ultra absorbent … contains pine resin polymers
  • Embedded far infrared negative ion strip to support comfort
  • Helps minimise odours
  • Individually sealed within re-sealable plastic free packs
  • Day pad packs contain complimentary vaginal PH self-test kit
  • Healthy & hygienic alternative to tampons
  • Biodegradable & compostable


    Drion NZ distribute sanitary pads and pantiliners that are anatomically designed for health conscious women. Our Sydney based parent company, Drion AU is 100% Australian owned with state of the art production facilities and a research and development department that is among the best in the industry. View and Purchase Online

    Drion sanitary products are hypoallergenic, ultra-absorbent and technologically advanced, and support menstrual comfort. They contain a green strip infused with far infrared rays and negative ions. Drion sanitary products also help minimise odours.

    Invisible to the human eye, far infrared rays produce gentle energetic vibrations (over 30 per second) that create warmth supporting healthy metabolism in tissues and cells.

    Derived from the Greek word meaning up, negative ions are atoms with more electrons than protons. They are thought to have unique properties and are believed to support energy levels and positive mood.

    Negative ions are abundant in natural environments such as the oceans, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, forests and after meteorological events such as lightning storms.

    Conversely cations, atoms with more protons than electrons, are prevalent in man made environments such as homes, shopping malls and workplaces where computers, smart phones, wi-fi networks, artificial lighting and microwaves are commonplace. Cations can contribute to feelings of lethargy, tiredness and irritability.

    In every Drion sanitary pad and liner there is a green strip that contains over 6100 negative ions per cubic centimetre. When this strip comes into contact with menstrual blood, it releases negative ions that may support wellbeing.

    Tampons block the natural downward and outward flow of menstrual blood, causing the blood to back-up and stagnate, which often contribute to discomfort .

    Tampons can also leak toxic chemicals and on removal leave fibres behind in the vagina. They also dry out the lubricating and self-cleaning fluids that the vagina naturally produces, and cause micro tears in the vaginal canal, making it vulnerable to bacterial infection.

    The vagina is without doubt the most absorbent and sensitive part of a women’s body, so for good menstrual health don’t use tampons – even organic ones.

    Hygienically wrapped and sealed in organic paper, Drion organic sanitary products pose no toxic threat to women or the environment, and unlike most competitors’ products, they are recyclable and compostable under the correct conditions.

    Drion sanitary products are free from the myriad of chemicals and potential allergens used by most other brands. These nasties include artificial dyes, chlorine, dioxins, GMO’s, rayon, viscose, carbon disulphide, sulphuric acid, phthalates, pesticides and herbicides, odour neutralizers and synthetic adhesives.

    Drion sanitary products contain organic pine resin polymers and an organic food grade natural starch adhesive which are both 100% biodegradable. View and Purchase Online

    Drion sanitary products contain a green strip with Negative Ions and Far I-R. Drion NZ does not directly claim the products improve women’s health due to the Negative Ions and Far I-R as we don’t have the scientific research to substantiate such a claim. Drion do have tests to prove the green strip contains Negative Ions and Far I-R but nothing which specifically points to any health benefits being a direct result of any one of the elements within the products.

    View Range Online


Why Choose Biotrace Elemental Zinc?

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Save 30% RRP $28.10 Now $19.67 Purchase HERE

The ‘Elemental’ range of minerals and trace minerals from Biotrace is the ‘go to’ brand for Wise Cicada supplement department staff because of its bioavailability and balanced backdrop of added ‘CMD’ mineral co-factors. This liquid supplement is easy to take, just 1 ml in water per day will deliver the following benefits.

Nearly every enzyme reaction in the brain involves zinc. It is also important for many enzymes associated with digestive and metabolic function.

Zinc can be beneficial for vision, acne, protein synthesis and collagen formation, general growth, prostate function, wound healing, immunity, blood sugar levels, thyroid function and fertility.

Signs of deficiency may include, prolonged wound healing, diminished taste and smell, brittle nails, hair loss, infertility, poor memory, poor night vision, acne, fatigue, susceptibility to infection.

Recommended daily allowance is 15 mg. Overdosing can be toxic.

Extra Hormonal Support? 50% Off – Kiwiherb Meno-Balance

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meno balance

50% Off – Now $24.50 – RRP $48.50  – 60 Caps – Purchase Online Here

Meno-Balance® helps promote a balanced transition through menopause and targets the unpleasant symptoms experienced by many women during this time.
This high potency formula contains organic Black Cohosh well-researched herb for menopausal symptoms combined with organic Sage which may improve cognitive performance & mood.

Meno-Balance® is suitable for short or long term use to help ease the transition during the changes of menopause.

  • Relief of menopausal symptoms
  • Hot flushes, night sweats, sleep disturbances, anxiety & nervous tension
  • High potency formula
  • Convenient vegetarian capsules
  • Organic herbal ingredients


Prize Draws – Goodie Bags – Samples @ International Women’s Day Celebration

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The Fun on Wednesday 8 March & Saturday 11 March 12-2pm

Live Music – Special Performance from Caitlin Smith 12pm
Free Chair Massage with Ken Harris Massage Therapist (Saturday)

Prizes / Giveaways – $100s of dollars worth of prizes to be won!
Chantal Organic Hamper
(Purchase any Chantal Product to go in the Draw)
Pukka Tea Prize Bundles
(Purchase any Pukka Product to go in the Draw)
Antipodes Skincare Hamper
(Purchase any Antipodes Product to go in the Draw)
Organic Initiative Personal Care Hamper
(Purchase any OI Product to go in the Draw)
Sukin Skincare Hamper
(Purchase any Sukin Product to go in the Draw)
Lifestream Natural Supplement Hamper
(Purchase any Lifestream Product to go in the Draw)
Lemurian Springs Prize (Purchase any Lemurian Product to go in the Draw)
Crystal Gift Bag with purchase from Wise Cicada
Goodie Bags with product from Plantae, Enzymedica, Brett Elliot Herbal Detox, Thompsons, The Herb Farm

Wholefood Market Sampling / Deals:
Delicious Seaweed Recipes to sample with Pacific Harvest (Weds)
Little Bird Granola Sampling and Specials 10% Off Granola (Weds)
Organic Mechanic Sampling their New Berry/Lavender Kombucha (Weds)
Amazonia Raw Protein sampling and Specials (Weds)
Puraty Herbal Tea sampling (Weds & Sat)
Cocowow Coconut Yoghurt (Weds)
Granite Herbal Tonic (Weds & Sat)
Pana Raw Chocolate Sampling (Sat)
Gourmet Raw Pizza Sampling with Wright’s Sprouts (Sat)
Lemurian Springs Water and Bodycare Sampling (Sat)

In the Supplement Department:
Product Launch New Lipstick range with Antipodes (Sat)
Free Hand Treatment and Massage with Living Nature More (Weds)
Natracare Organic Tampon/Pad Samples / Giveaways 10% off (Weds)
Mini Make-overs with Couleur Caramel’s  Natural Make Up artist (Sat)
Organic Initiative Natural Tampon/Pad Samples / Giveaways (Sat)
Free eyebrow shaping with traditional string technique (Sat)
Purity Natural Perfume Sampling (Weds)
15% off Tints of Nature Hair Colour
20% off Dr Bronne’r Range
20% Giovanni Natural Hair Care
15% off Grin Toothpaste

women's day supporters 2

extra logos


Support for Your Kids as they Return to School with Kiwiherb’s Organic Herbal Range

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kids calmkiwiherb

Now that the ‘full swing’ of school routine and the academic / social / physical stimulation that comes with the term has returned, it is a good time to look at the support ‘set’ Kiwiherb can offer your kids.

10% Off the Kiwiherb Organic Kid’s Range
– Until 31 March @ Wise Cicada

Kid’s Calm: A chamomile formula designed to calm and soothe both the nervous system and the digestive system. Ideal for infants and children finding difficulty settling and experiencing digestive discomfort, or over-excitement. It is also helpful for babies during teething and instances of colic, wind or a need for soothing. The sweet syrup base is made from organic rice syrup and vegetable glycerine with natural berry flavour.
Recommended for kids 0-12yrs.
100ml Kid’s Calm $38.90     Now $35.01
50mls Kid’s Calm $24.90      Now $22.41

Children’s Chest Syrup: This hyssop, thyme, marshmallow, mullein and manuka honey formula, will help clear chest and bronchial congestion and relax spasming. The hyssop is also gently calming , so aids rest and recovery. As always with this range, it tastes good, with a naturally sweet apple juice, honey and orange / lemon flavour.
Recommended for kids 0-12yrs.
100ml Children’s Chest Syrup $24.50     Now $22.05

Children’s Throat Syrup: Echinacea, thyme and manuka honey to soothe an inflamed, dry, tickly throat, ease coughing and support recovery. This formula is especially formulated for kids o-12 years and tastes great. Contains certified organic echinacea and thyme.
Recommended for kids 0-12yrs.
100ml Children’s Throat Syrup $24.90     Now $22.41

Destuff for Kids: Elderflower and ribwort help soothe an inflamed respiratory tract and clear excess mucus, echinacea supports immune function while peppermint helps decongestion. Recommended for kids 0-12yrs.
100ml De-stuff for Kids $38.50       Now $34.65
5oml De-stuff for Kids $25.40         Now $22,86

De-stuff Rub: Helps ease stuffy congestion in the head and chest and supports clear airways. It is a certified organic blend of six essential oils, including peppermint thyme and eucalyptus in a moisturising base of cold pressed coconut oil, olive oil and NZ beeswax. It also contains lavender to calm and soothe.
Formulated for kids 2+ years
28g De-stuff Rub $16.90   Now $15.21

Children’s Echinature: NZ grown, certified organic echinacea root extract is made more palatable for kids in a vegetable glycerine and apple juice and orange base. This herbal tincture helps maintain  immune function and can be particularly helpful in the case of  upper respiratory  tract infection. Recommended 1-12 years.
100mls Children’s Echinature $38.90      Now $35.01
50 mls Children’s Echinature $24.50       Now $22.05

throat syrup

Free Informative Presentation on Gut Health & Probiotics with Biosa NZ – Thurs 16 Feb 10am with a Complimentary Organic Coffee/Tea/Apple Juice @ Wise Cicada Cafe

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You will also be offered a complimentary organic tea, coffee or apple juice from Wise Cicada cafe while you listen.

Thursday 16 Feb 10am – 10.30am @ Wise Cicada

Book Your Spot by Email Here

The team from Biosa will explain what makes the certified organic Vita Biosa formula, (a unique synergistic blend of probiotics brewed on a base of European herbs and Aronia Berries) so special and effective as a tonic to support your health.

Biosa NZ Company Directors Ayan Biltoft-Nielsen and Kristian Biltoft will join us too, they can offer some really interesting insights into the story behind the product and ethics of the company internationally. Ayan is the son of Erik Nielsen, founder of the original BIOSA company and Kristian has worked for many years for Biosa in Denmark.

With a fifteen year legacy promoting health via beneficial micro-organisms for humans, animals and the environment, Biosa, a Danish founded company is now represented in New Zealand and we are fortunate to have access to the Vita Biosa range for our retail fridge shelves. Lean more about the Biosa founding story and ethos at Here

Your Presenter: Chloe Rintoull is Sales Manager for Biosa Australasia. She will join us at Wise Cicada to answer all your questions about Vita Biosa and how it can support your health – so don’t miss this opportunity to come along and have all your questions answered. Chloe has a Bachelor in Medical Science from Flinders University with majors in Physiology & Neuroscience and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology.


Special – Biotrace Magnesium 30% Off @ Wise Cicada

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Load up and rebalance your magnesium levels after the busy holiday season. We’ve a great price on Biotrace Elemental Magnesium, one of our supplement department staff members’ favoured magnesium options. Why?

Source & Efficacy
Naturally sourced from the same producers of CMD Ionic Concentrated Mineral Drops, this Ionic Magnesium supplement is concentrated from the waters of Salt Lake Utah it is readily absorbed into your cells, is rich with co-factors as it contains a base of CMD which also delivers 72 other macro and trace minerals.

Why Take Magnesium?
Magnesium is an essential nutrient required for many biologic functions in the body, including over 300 enzyme reactions. It is also pivotal in the activation of amino acids, syntheses and degradation of DNA and has an important role in neurotransmission and immune function. Magnesium promotes the absorption and assimilation of other minerals including calcium, phosphorous, sodium and potassium and enables utilisation of vitamin B complex and vitamins C and E.

Stress increases your requirement for magnesium and many would agree our modern lifestyles are often laden with stressors. Physical stress including exercise, working in high temperatures, surgery, trauma and psychological stress all increase the body’s need for magnesium increasing adrenaline and corticosteroid production which results in Magnesium loss in animals and humans alike. Other factors such as dietary fat, protein sugar and alcohol intake also affect magnesium levels in the body.

Purchase Biotrace Elemental Magnesium 60mls  HERE Now $19.95  RRP $28.50