Amino-rich Moringa – A Vegan Super-food Hero

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Moringa (Moringa Oleifera) is ‘billed’ as one of the most nutritious plants on earth! Its full spectrum of all essential and many non-essential amino acids, makes it an ideal whole-food nutrition supplement for vegans and vegetarians.

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Moringa also contains more than ninety nutrients, forty six antioxidants and thirty six anti inflammatory compounds. Gram for gram it contains four times more potassium than a banana, 2 times more protein than eggs, two times more vitamin A than carrots, fourteen times more calcium than milk, nine times more iron than spinach, seven times more vitamin C than oranges and four times more fibre than oats. Impressed? You certainly should feel a boost when you add this super-food to your smoothie.

Highly regarded for immune system support, the leaves are renowned for their anti-bacterial properties. As well as providing nutrition for our cells Moringa is packed with chlorophyll and  antioxidants to help neutralize toxins and inflammation our bodies. It is also reputed as a supportive plant for blood glucose balance and cholesterol balance. In Ayurvedic tradition Moringa is especially valued as both a tonic and and detoxifier – both releasing waste from and nourishing tissues.

Originally a native tree of Northern India, it is now also widespread in Asia and Africa. It is hardy and fast – growing, traditionally used for over 4,000 years as a medicinal and food plant, it is also commonly known as the ‘miracle tree’, ‘elixir tree’, ‘drumstick tree’ and ‘horseradish tree’.

Best plan of ingestion? Add the raw powder to your green smoothie or any other juice or shake.
Best Recipe? We’ll be adding one from our Wise Cicada chef’s journals in the next few days….stay posted.

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