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School Holiday Fun @ Wise Cicada – Rolled Beeswax Candle Making Workshop

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Rolled Beeswax Candle Making Workshop

Sun 30 April – 10am- 11.30am  – $10 Material Fee

Join Nikki and Shell as they guide your kids through rolling their own natural beeswax candle. A beautiful natural gift to give others that they have had the creative satisfaction of making themselves.

DIY kits will be available to purchase take home on the day.

to Book Email

School Holiday Fun @ Wise Cicada – Fairy Craft Party

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Make Your Own Aromatherapy Fairy Spray
with Twinkling Fairy Chloe & Magical Fairy Cherilyn

Sun 23 April – 10am -11.30am @ Wise Cicada

$5 Material Fee  – To Book Email

Kids can put together their own magical Fairy spray with Chloe at a table decked out with essential oils, crystals and sparkly things while Fairy Cherilyn entertains with songs and magical stories.

Free Earth Paint Natural Face Painting Available Too

Cherilyn     PSX_20170415_170812


School Holiday Fun @ Wise Cicada – DIY Crystal & Macrame Jewellery

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Mon 24 April – 10am -11.30 am @ Wise Cicada
Sat 29 April – 10am – 11.30am @ Wise Cicada

Join bespoke jewellery maker Kerry Leigh at a craft table full of fabulous jewellery fixings and she will guide you though some macrame techniques, have a little fun and create something special to take home.  (Adults welcome too)

Material Fee $5             To Book Email



School Holiday Fun @ Wise Cicada – Make Your Own Banana Bites

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Make Your Own Chocolate Coated Banana Bites
with Wise Cicada Raw Chef Azusa

Weds 26 April – 10-11.30 am @ Wise Cicada – Cost $4

To Book Email

Dipping bananas in organic vegan chocolate! Who wouldn’t want to do that!
Lots of exciting organic topping options will be available.
Join us for sweet-treat-making fun with Chef Azusa.

azusa 2

Yoga for Kids – Fridays 21 & 28 April 10 -11am @ Wise Cicada

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Join in a little bit of holistic holiday fun… we are lucky to have professional yoga teacher Grace of ‘Yoga with Grace’ @YogaWithGraceNZ join us.

Grace will be at Wise Cicada to guide your kids through some yoga movements
Friday 21 April between 10am and 11am

It’s free to participate so please come along and join in. Mats provided, just bring comfortable clothes. To Book for either session Email

Our own raw dessert chef Azusa is also a professional yoga tutor and her class will be the following
Friday 28 April between 10am and 11am @ Wise Cicada

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Kid’s School Holiday Fun – Make a ‘Raspberry Bliss Cup’ with Wise Cicada Raw Chef Azusa Thurs 20 April – 10am -11.30am

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Make a ‘Raspberry Bliss Cup’ with Wise Cicada Raw Chef Azusa
Thurs 20 April – 10am -11.30am @ Wise Cicada

Our chef Azusa will guide your child as they put together two Raspberry Chia Bliss Cups (a favourite from our raw cake cabinet). They will take home one for themselves and one to share. $5 Material Fee Email to book

Please Note: Here is the Recipe – It contains Peanut Butter – If you want us to switch to a cashew or almond butter for all attending please let us know – we will do so happily. It may just increase the material fee a little.

Raspberry Bliss Cups – Simple to Make and Delicious!

Organic Vegan Chocolate ( We Like Lubeca)
Organic Peanut Butter
3 Tbsp White Chia Seeds
1.5 Cup Lemon Juice
3 Cups Frozen Organic Raspberries

Melt chocolate gently and pour into small cupcake or chocolate moulds, allow to set and release from moulds.

Spoon a little organic peanut butter into the base of each chocolate vessel.

Create a raspberry chia jam by blending the defrosted berries, lemon juice and chia. Leave to set for at least an hour. If the texture is too runny, add more chia seeds.

Spoon chia raspberry jam into the moulds and garnish with seasonal fruit.


azusa 2


Beach Clean Crew – A Monthly Get Together to Pick Up Litter

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Beach Clean Crew – A Monthly Get Together to Pick Up Litter

To join the mailing list please – email

Thanks so much for coming along last Sunday to clean Okahu Bay guys and working so hard.

Let’s do it again soon. Suggestions on time, place, day?……. we just need to pick a day when the tide is low for maximum rubbish collecting impact.

You and your friends can join the face book group and make sure you are on the email list too.

Facebook Group Link Here

Join us in a small effort to sweep the Eastern beaches, plus any others suggested, and ‘do our bit’ to help reduce the litter washed up on the shore lines.

It’s a chance to be out in nature, have fun, meet some like minded people and help Papatuanuku and Te Moana out a little.

Drion Panty Liners – $2 Off

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These pads and liners are revolutionary our Wise Cicada team members have tried them and we all rate them very highly. Purchase Online
We are currently offering $2 off the Panty Liners RRP $9.95 Now $7.95

  • Chemical free … no chlorine, dioxin or plastics
  • Slim form fitting organic cotton
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort
  • Ultra absorbent … contains pine resin polymers
  • Embedded far infrared negative ion strip to support comfort
  • Helps minimise odours
  • Individually sealed within re-sealable plastic free packs
  • Day pad packs contain complimentary vaginal PH self-test kit
  • Healthy & hygienic alternative to tampons
  • Biodegradable & compostable


    Drion NZ distribute sanitary pads and pantiliners that are anatomically designed for health conscious women. Our Sydney based parent company, Drion AU is 100% Australian owned with state of the art production facilities and a research and development department that is among the best in the industry. View and Purchase Online

    Drion sanitary products are hypoallergenic, ultra-absorbent and technologically advanced, and support menstrual comfort. They contain a green strip infused with far infrared rays and negative ions. Drion sanitary products also help minimise odours.

    Invisible to the human eye, far infrared rays produce gentle energetic vibrations (over 30 per second) that create warmth supporting healthy metabolism in tissues and cells.

    Derived from the Greek word meaning up, negative ions are atoms with more electrons than protons. They are thought to have unique properties and are believed to support energy levels and positive mood.

    Negative ions are abundant in natural environments such as the oceans, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, forests and after meteorological events such as lightning storms.

    Conversely cations, atoms with more protons than electrons, are prevalent in man made environments such as homes, shopping malls and workplaces where computers, smart phones, wi-fi networks, artificial lighting and microwaves are commonplace. Cations can contribute to feelings of lethargy, tiredness and irritability.

    In every Drion sanitary pad and liner there is a green strip that contains over 6100 negative ions per cubic centimetre. When this strip comes into contact with menstrual blood, it releases negative ions that may support wellbeing.

    Tampons block the natural downward and outward flow of menstrual blood, causing the blood to back-up and stagnate, which often contribute to discomfort .

    Tampons can also leak toxic chemicals and on removal leave fibres behind in the vagina. They also dry out the lubricating and self-cleaning fluids that the vagina naturally produces, and cause micro tears in the vaginal canal, making it vulnerable to bacterial infection.

    The vagina is without doubt the most absorbent and sensitive part of a women’s body, so for good menstrual health don’t use tampons – even organic ones.

    Hygienically wrapped and sealed in organic paper, Drion organic sanitary products pose no toxic threat to women or the environment, and unlike most competitors’ products, they are recyclable and compostable under the correct conditions.

    Drion sanitary products are free from the myriad of chemicals and potential allergens used by most other brands. These nasties include artificial dyes, chlorine, dioxins, GMO’s, rayon, viscose, carbon disulphide, sulphuric acid, phthalates, pesticides and herbicides, odour neutralizers and synthetic adhesives.

    Drion sanitary products contain organic pine resin polymers and an organic food grade natural starch adhesive which are both 100% biodegradable. View and Purchase Online

    Drion sanitary products contain a green strip with Negative Ions and Far I-R. Drion NZ does not directly claim the products improve women’s health due to the Negative Ions and Far I-R as we don’t have the scientific research to substantiate such a claim. Drion do have tests to prove the green strip contains Negative Ions and Far I-R but nothing which specifically points to any health benefits being a direct result of any one of the elements within the products.

    View Range Online


Why Choose Biotrace Elemental Zinc?

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Save 30% RRP $28.10 Now $19.67 Purchase HERE

The ‘Elemental’ range of minerals and trace minerals from Biotrace is the ‘go to’ brand for Wise Cicada supplement department staff because of its bioavailability and balanced backdrop of added ‘CMD’ mineral co-factors. This liquid supplement is easy to take, just 1 ml in water per day will deliver the following benefits.

Nearly every enzyme reaction in the brain involves zinc. It is also important for many enzymes associated with digestive and metabolic function.

Zinc can be beneficial for vision, acne, protein synthesis and collagen formation, general growth, prostate function, wound healing, immunity, blood sugar levels, thyroid function and fertility.

Signs of deficiency may include, prolonged wound healing, diminished taste and smell, brittle nails, hair loss, infertility, poor memory, poor night vision, acne, fatigue, susceptibility to infection.

Recommended daily allowance is 15 mg. Overdosing can be toxic.

Almond Butter Banana Fudge Ice Cream

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3/4 cup coconut flour
1/4 cup cacao powder
1/2 cup date paste
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp salt

Ice Cream
6-8 bananas
1 cup almond butter
1 Tbsp psyllium husks
1/3 cup date paste
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp salt
1 cup hazelnut milk


1. Process all fudge chunk ingredients in a food processor until the mixture firms up into a consistency resembling brownie chunks. Put into a container.

2. Blend all ice cream ingredients in a blender until completely smooth. layer it on top of the brownie ‘crumbs’ in your container. Gently fold together with a spatula.

3. Option: make another batch and layer in the same way into your container.

4. Freeze for 4-5 hours until set.